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Buffet Table

In years past, wedding catering was a luxury few could afford. Today, however, it is considered a necessity and provides the event with the fondest, most lasting memory. Since 1984 Mesenburg Creative Catering has been bringing off-premise catering to halls, churches, homes, and tents in the greater Erie, Huron, Ottowa, and Lorain counties.

Stoocked Buffet
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Nestled in the quaint city of Huron, Ohio in Erie County on the southern shores of Lake Erie, Mesenburg's Plaza Place offers one of the Midwest's finest wedding venues. Ranging from classic casual to gracefully elegant decor and dining. Brides are invited to explore and choose among the numerous delectable food items and services available at the most affordable prices. Our hall rental prices are all-inclusive, there are no extra hall fees or hidden costs. Contact us to schedule your personalized tour and discuss menu options.

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